Words of the Father


In March of 2008 on a trip to Japan and Taiwan Naticksqw received a message from the Father that her journey had begun. She and her husband, Lyn, had just honored the sacred Mother Earth with a private ceremony in a wooded area outside of Narita Japan when the words came. This book contains writings that the Father has given her as she has journeyed from her sacred ancestral land in Massachusetts to far off lands, following His command to her to go forth.

Naticksqw is the contemporary descendant of the Praying Indians of Natick (and Ponkapoag) who were martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ by the English Colonists of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the winter of 1675.

The Creator of the Universe has chosen this humble indigenous grandmother to be His scribe as He seeks to publish new messages to a world, He describes, as being in imminent peril.

The journey for the reader begins now…

Some are saying it is too Native American. Some are saying it is too Apocalyptic.
Some are even saying it is too Christian... But none of these are reading it. Whether you believe, disbelieve or are just curious, in a world clearly in iminent peril, can you afford not to know?


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